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Scream 3, The Album - A great quality of this soundtrack is its versatility. With bands mostly unknown, the CD is true to the spirit of the film. Sometimes bringing a heavier sound, sometimes a slower song - to relieve the tension between murders or for a rare romantic moment - the OST also experience a more modern repertoire.

Be sure to check: the rock "Youth Of America" by Birdbrain, the cover of the classic from Blue Oyster Cult "Do not Fear The Reaper" by Gus, and the music that embodies the identity of the movie: "Red Right Hand" of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Bellow, 30 seconds of each song!

01. What If - Creed
02. Wait and Bleed - Slipknot
03. Suffocate - Finger Eleven
04. Spiders - System of a Down
05. Automatic - American Pearl
06. Fall - Sevendust
07. Time Bomb - Godsmack
08. Tyler´s Song - Coal Chamber
09. So Real - Static-X
10. Crowded Elevator - Incubus
11. Debonaire - Dope
12. Sunburn - Fuel
13. Get On, Get Off - Powerman 5000
14. Wanna Be Martyr - Full Devil Jacket
15. Dissention - Orgy
16. Crawl - Staind
17. Click Click - Ear2000
18. Is This The End - Creed



Scream 3, Music From The Dimension Motion Picture  - A movie is a holy trinity: the screenwriter, director and musical composer. In the case of "Scream," Marco Beltrami is this third pillar. Without falling into the clichés of typical horror composers, he wrote something scary, beautiful and full of personality - which emphasized his career. Currently he is one of Hollywood's most sought-songwriters and is present in the entire "Scream" franchise. On this CD, which also brings the score of "Scream 2", we highlight: "Trouble in Woodsboro," NC-17 "and" Chasing Sidney ". Bellow, 30 seconds of each song!

01. Here We Go Again
02. Cotton Gets Picked
03. Dopplegailer
04. On the Set
05. Home Sweet Home
06. Comparing Photos
07. Mother's Watching
08. Dewey Mobile
09. At the Station
10. Ghost Attacks
11. The Fall Girl
12. Roman Around
13. All in the Family
14. Pied a Terror
15. Sunset Pictures
16. Last Call
17. Gail Force
18. Stone Cold
19. Sid Wears a Dress
20. Sid's Theme (Reprise)


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Music Videos - At least, just to Two of the songs that aren´t on the soundtrack, but are loved by the fans are:

- What If by Creed [Watch it on Youtube]