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Scream 2, Music From The Dimension Motion Picture - "Scream 2" is totally pop. From the cast to the soundtrack, which is quite different from the original. This is not particularly my cup of tea, but still it is a good track for fans of R & B and pop rock of the 90s. I recommend "She's Always In My Hair" from D'Angelo, "She Said" from Collective Soul and "The Swing" from Everclear.

01. Scream - Master P
02. Suburban Life - Kottonmouth Kings
03. Rivers - Sugar Ray
04. She's Always In My Hair - D´Angelo
05. Help Myself - Dave Matthews Band
06. She Said - Collective Soul
07. Right Place Wrong Time - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
08. Dear Lover - Foo Fighters
09. Eyes Of Sand - Tonic
10. The Swing - Everclear
11. I Think I Love You - Less Than Jake
12. Your Lucky Day In Hell - The Eels
13. Red Right Hand - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
14. One More Chance - Kelly
15. The Race - Ear2000



Scream and Scream 2, Music From The Dimension Motion Pictures  - A movie is a holy trinity: the screenwriter, director and musical composer. In the case of "Scream," Marco Beltrami is this third pillar. Without falling into the clichés of typical horror composers, he wrote something scary, beautiful and full of personality - which emphasized his career. Currently he is one of Hollywood's most sought-songwriters and is present in the entire "Scream" franchise. On this CD, which also brings the score of "Scream", we highlight: “Cici Creepies” and “Love Turns Sour”. Bellow, 30 seconds of each song!

01. Sidney's Lament [Scream]
02. Altered Ego [Scream]
03. Trouble in Woodsboro [Scream]
04. A Cruel World [Scream]
05. Chasing Sidney [Scream]
06. NC-17 [Scream]
07. Stage Fright Requiem [From Scream 2]
08. Love Turns Sour [From Scream 2]
09. Cici Creepies [From Scream 2]
10. Deputy for a Friend [From Scream 2]
11. Hollow Parting [From Scream 2]
12. Dewpoint and Stabbed [From Scream 2]
13. Hairtrigger Lunatic [From Scream 2]
14. Sundown Search [From Scream 2]
15. It's over, Sid [From Scream 2]
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- She Said by Collective Soul [Watch it on Youtube]
- Scream by  Master P [Watch it on Youtube]